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Pure Vegan Cafe Logo

How It All Started

Clean eating and healthy living have always been my passion. After the loss of a family member to cancer 11 years ago, I came across Gerson Therapy and became fascinated with how food can help heal the body. Since then, I've started making sure cold-pressed juices were a big part of our family diet and gradually it became a passion.

I left my unfulfilling career in IT and decided to focus on this passion to support this, I created a beautiful 2000 sq. ft. food forest in our backyard to source my own organic fruits and vegetables. After experiencing undeniable health benefits from consuming a mostly plant-based diet and incorporating nutrient-rich cold-pressed juices into our lives, I wanted to take this to next level. That's when Pure Vegan Cafe happened and I felt that this will complete the cycle of growing my own food to bringing it in a way that will help improve the lives of people in my community and there has been no looking back since then.

What Makes
Us Different

Sourcing the best of the best produce and ingredients from local farms as much as possible, we craft a wide selection of delicious plant-based foods, premium cold-pressed juices, and superfood smoothies. All our cold-pressed juices are made fresh with no added sugar, artificial ingredients, and absolutely no preservatives!

Where We
Are Headed

Coming from the land of Ayurveda, we use a lot of Adaptogens like Tulasi, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Moringa, Turmeric, Amla, and many more in our day-to-day lives. Consuming these regularly helps our body to become stronger naturally and develop a good immune system. I would love to educate and introduce them to our customers.

In the coming years, we will continue to innovate and deliver you services and products to guide your journey towards your best, most healthy life. If you have ideas or suggestions for us, please do share! You are why Pure Vegan Cafe exists - we want to hear what you have to say!